I Cant Find Time To Exercise

When I first started my fitness career in 2015, I had clients that would always talk about how they didn’t have time work out, were too tired to workout, or couldn’t afford to. I looked at these responses as excuses because I wasn’t aware that many people don’t know where to start. I assumed everyone I came into contact with knew the

“I can’t find the time to exercise”

This is one of the more common statements I hear. Everybody lives different lifestyles, but there’s always to overcome a challenge. Depends on how determined you are to overcome.

  • Wake up earlier. Many people have kids to take care of and pick up after work. So the best thing to do is get up before they do a quick full body workout every other morning before you get them ready. In full body workouts, I like to move from the biggest to smallest muscle groups. Allot 20-30 min to be able to complete a full body workout. Try this one out:

Legs: Body weight squats 3×15 (increase to 20 after 3-4weeks)

Back: Dumbbell double arm row 3×12 ( No dumbbells use Gallon water jugs) The best thing to do is purchase some dumbbells

Chest: Push-ups 3×8-10 or modified push-up

Triceps: Tricep dips 3×10-12

Biceps/Sholuders: Bicep curl to Overhead press

Core: Dead bug 3x30sec

These are some very feasible workouts to do before your day starts if you know your evenings are unpredictable.

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