Perceived Exercise Benefits and Barriers

Majority of the individuals do not engage in sufficient physical activity due to low perceived benefits and high perceived barriers to exercise. We all need that extrinsic support to help us get started with a new and challenging behavior. Whether it’s a starting a new semester in school, getting your dream job, taking steps to overcome an illness, or wanting to obtain better health. We have to remind those close to us the benefits of regular exercise, and then do our best to bring them along for the marathon.

Perceived Benefits

Life enhancement

Physical performance

Social interaction

Preventative Health

Psychological outlook

Perceived Barrier to Exercise

Exercise mileage

Time Expenditure

Physical exertion

Family discouragement

As we can see there are more benefits to becoming physically active, but of course we sometimes get hooked on the barriers versus the benefits. A good way to help overcome these barriers is getting family or spouse support. With their support, you are able to over come all obstacles until you are able to build more intrinsic motivation for yourself.


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