Stress Management

In this short blog, I want to share a few tips on stress management and strategies for stress reduction. The best way people can manage stress is to channel the same stress feelings into positive and useful outcomes. To achieve this, the tips below will assist in managing the nervous feeling people have in order to direct. Below are some tips from another ace blog that I felt would be really helpful for people to use along with the full blog link.

Stress Management

1. Make a 2-Part List

2. Prioritize

3. Share

Stress Reduction

While we cannot control what happens around us, we can make conscious choices about how those events affect us on a personal level. Reducing stress can involve some deceptively easy techniques.

1. Breath Awareness

2. Contract-Relax Key Body parts

3. Use a Candle

4. Learn Self-Massage 

5. Meditate

To read the techniques in its entirety, click the link:

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