Train For YOUR Body Type: Mesomorph

Many people hit the gym hard every week, 3 or maybe even 5 days out of the week. Yet, still struggle with accomplishing those goals that are so close, but yet seem so far away because you know you’ve been hitting the gym consistently. You also know you’ve been eating pretty clean and balanced, but that physique you want seems unattainable. Well, it’s not that its unattainable. It’s the fact that you may be training and eating for a body type that is not your own. Everyone has their own unique build. When you look into a large group of people, you easily recognize that no one has the same exact build. On the other hand, if you really analyze you’ll realize that some people in the room have the same body shapes. This means that depending on your body type, certain diets and workout plans will work better than others.  In this post, I am going to focus on Mesomorph.

Being a Mesomorph is ideal when it comes to bodybuilding or training for physique. These are usually the men or women that have a naturally strong build and can gain muscle in no time. Even able to burn fat in no time if they so choose, but it just requires some focus on the dieting if they are trying to get ripped. Being that they also are able to gain weight quite easily. These are usually the ones that look like they do two-a-days in the gym 4 times a week, but in reality, don’t have to work too hard to maintain that build. Some mesomorphs really take their athletic body build for granted and don’t take the time to keep their body up.


Eating as a mesomorph, you should eat a diet where your macros fall around 40% complex carbohydrates, 30% healthy fats, 30% lean protein. When it comes to eating, the body of a mesomorph will respond positively to any food they consume if it’s nutritious. But you should only eat said carbs on training days. When you aren’t training, the load of carbs aren’t as necessary because you won’t be burning them off much at any point of the day. Don’t get me wrong. Carbs are important as well, since your body needs them for energy production during and after exercise. There should be a variety when it comes to consuming carbs. You can have quinoa, oatmeal, whole grain bread, fruit, vegetables and a list of others. Having protein in each meal is ideal because it helps with building and repairing the muscles. Some really good sources of protein are lean chicken, flax seed bread, lean ground turkey, wild caught fish, lentils, beans, pasture raised eggs (best kind of egg) protein powder, and even Greek yogurt. 

The key to having a mesomorph build, is to really make the most out of what you were blessed with. This means going to the gym, working on strength, explosive exercises, and plyometrics. This body type will respond well to explosive power moves and low repetition workouts. Mesomorphs don’t store much fat, but the best way to get rid of any unwanted fat, is to do interval sprints. Hit the treadmill or field and actually SPRINT, not jog! I just personally prefer the treadmill because it will stay at a consistent speed, versus depending on yourself to run the same speed each time which rarely, if ever happens. 

HIIT Workout

5 minute preparation (warm up) – Incline on 10 walk speed 3.0
8 interval sprints: 30-second sprints: beginners 6.5-7.5 mph, Advanced 9.0 mph-max speed shadowed by a -minute recovery walk or slow jog 
5 minute cool-down: walk and stretch

For weight training, Mesomorphs are naturally strong, but may not be as strong when lifting weights. They are the ones when they get 65, will still knock the breath out of your body and haven’t lifted a dumbbell in 30 years (everybody has that one uncle who’s OD strong for no reason). This is because their muscles are naturally thick and dense. Additionally, having a training program that offers moderate weight to heavy weight lifting days 4-5x a week is best for the muscle growth.

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