Meet My Motivation

First, let me say that I am a really closed off person and quite the introvert. Weird, considering my job, I know; some things you just learn how to handle better over time. I’m not sure if anyone ever thinks about why people choose to become a fitness trainer. There are many different reasons why … More Meet My Motivation

Importance of Moderation in Energy & Sport Drinks

Many kids and adults love the taste of a cold Gatorade or Powerade during a hot day as an alternative for drinking sodas. Soda sales have even dropped as sales for sports and energy drinks have increased, mainly because people understand how sodas are part of the culprit in diabetes and obesity. What some people … More Importance of Moderation in Energy & Sport Drinks

Stress Management

In this short blog, I want to share a few tips on stress management and strategies for stress reduction. The best way people can manage stress is to channel the same stress feelings into positive and useful outcomes. To achieve this, the tips below will assist in managing the nervous feeling people have in order … More Stress Management

HIIT: Pre and Post workout Nutrition

Whether you’re adding HIIT to your own personal fitness program or ramping up client results and health benefits with this style of training, it’s important to understand the nutritional needs to support it from start to finish. While nutritional needs do vary by individual and training program, these nutrition plans and meal ideas for pre- … More HIIT: Pre and Post workout Nutrition

Perceived Exercise Benefits and Barriers

Majority of the individuals do not engage in sufficient physical activity due to low perceived benefits and high perceived barriers to exercise. We all need that extrinsic support to help us get started with a new and challenging behavior. Whether it’s a starting a new semester in school, getting your dream job, taking steps to overcome … More Perceived Exercise Benefits and Barriers

Failing at Trying to Get Back to working out? Remember This!

Just because you run into some hardship along the way of trying to find that inner motivation for fitness, don’t give up. Take the time to step back re-evaluate what actually wrong, and learn from these mistakes. Even-though you can’t see when you reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, you … More Failing at Trying to Get Back to working out? Remember This!